You Can Write (Book)

You Can Write – How to Write When You’re Convinced You Can’t

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It’s only €4.50 – buy it now and get to writing!

Want to write?
Afraid to try?
It’s okay. You’re not alone. And you can do it.

Whether you’re new to the process, or have written in the past and are having trouble picking it up again, you can most definitely write. This book will show you:

• How to write
• How to determine which fears and blocks are holding you back
• How to manage those fears and blocks
• How to overcome the more common writing problems
• How to make writing a natural part of your life
• How to maintain your writing habit

The book also includes prompts, a calendar and patterned paper, all to make your writing time even more pleasant and productive. Happy writing!

It’s only €4.50 – buy it now and get to writing!
Other information:

• PDF file
• UK English
• Pages: 76
• Word count: 22,000+
• Designed and illustrated by Melissa Shaw.
• For a free sample of the text, download the Get-to-Writing Kit, which you can find on the Free Downloads page.

Contact Melissa Shaw:
Melissa’s website:
Melissa’s Skillshare classes: Illustration, Character Design and Watercolour Techniques


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